Fire Yenta December 2003

By Diane Feldman, Managing Editor

Fire Prevention Week Horror Story #1: There are good fires and …
From Chip Killian in Illinois: “We were doing the typical ‘bring and brag’ at the schools, talking to the kiddies about the difference between good fires and bad fires. One of our firefighters thought he was doing the right thing by giving examples of good fires. He said, ‘Like the fires that cook your food, heat your home, or light your cigarette.’ “

Fire Prevention Week Horror Story #2: That’s what dogs do
From Tom Kiurski, who recently was promoted to paramedic/lieutenant at Livonia (MI) Fire & Rescue: “Remember the Yenta item I submitted a few months ago about how I was talking to a group of kids and asked what they would do if their clothes were on fire and the kid comes back with, ‘I wouldn’t put them on’? Well, at another Open House, I convinced one of my coworkers with a dalmatian to bring the dog for the families to see. Just as I announced that the dog was present and ready to greet guests, I turned to point out her location and there she was, peeing on the fire truck!

Training seminar benefits FDNY Squad 18
The fourth annual Elmsford (NY) Fire Department training seminar will be held on January 17, 2004, at the Westchester Marriott in White Plains, NY, and will feature FDNY Battalion Chief John Salka. Part of the proceeds will go to the FDNY Squad 18 Family Fund in memory of the seminar’s first speaker, Lieutenant Andy Fredericks, who was killed on 9-11. For more information, contact Elmsford Captain Syd Henry at

Time is running out for nominations
Nominate someone you know is worthy. It takes only a few minutes to fill out a form. The Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award recognizes an individual for exemplary courage and valor during a rescue operation. The deadline for nominations is January 6, 2004. Nomination forms are in Fire Engineering, on this Web site, and at The Fire Engineering Training Achievement Award recognizes an individual for extraordinary accomplishments in fire service training. Nomination forms are in Fire Engineering and on this Web site. The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2003. Both awards will be given out at FDIC 2004, in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26-May 1.

Holiday runs
Did you get any unusual calls/runs on Thanksgiving or Christmas this year or in years past? Exploding turkey fryers, customers stuck in chimneys, etc? Share them with the Yenta for an upcoming column. As always, the names can be changed to protect the “innocent.”

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Diane Feldman is a 14-year veteran of Fire Engineering; she has spent the past 13 years as managing editor. She has a B.A. in English/communications. Previously she was an editor at the American Management Association in New York City.

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