Fire Yenta May 2004

By Diane Feldman, Managing Editor

Trivia contest draws big winners, big prizes
There were five lucky winners in Glenn Corbett’s trivia contest held at the FDIC show on May 1, 2004 (see Corbett’s Trivia” on home page for the correct answer). In all the excitement of the contest, the Yenta forgot to record the names of all the winners, but a special congrats to winner Lieutenant Henry Gruba from the Waukegan (IL) Fire Department. He says: “I was very happy and surprised that I was able to supply the correct answer. The prizes are pretty cool.” If you won and would like to be mentioned on the Web, send the Yenta an e-mail.

Top dog at the show
Theodore the golden retriever made a personal appearance at FDIC with his handler/human daddy, Scott Shields, to spread the word about a foundation named for his doggie daddy, Bear, who was a search and rescue dog at Ground Zero on 9/11 and who later died as a result of a wound he sustained while searching the site. The mission of the Bear Search and Rescue Foundation is threefold: to provide health care to all the canines who worked at Ground Zero and the Pentagon, to provide instruction in emergency management to search and rescue teams, and to equip these teams around the country. For more about this nonprofit organization, or to make a donation, go to

“Me operating the mouse!” – Bill Gustin
Is that your mouse?
The AV crew at the FDIC poked fun at a certain well-known instructor who, how shall we say this, is just now joining the 20th century (now that it is the 21st century) in terms of grasping technology. The crew printed T-shirts to commemorate the instructor’s finally getting a computer, but the reports, alas, were greatly exaggerated. It seems the instructor merely befriended someone with a computer. To prove it, he is seen in this photo with his new equipment.

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Diane Feldman is a 15-year veteran of Fire Engineering; she has spent the past 14 years as managing editor. She has a B.A. in English/communications. Previously she was an editor at the American Management Association in New York City.

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