Training Minutes Throwback: Arson and Fire Investigation

Check out this series of Training Minutes videos on arson and fire investigation presented by Adrian “Buddy” Cales, FDIC instructor and fire investigation veteran in the law enforcement, fire service, and private sectors.

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What’s wrong with this picture? Arson investigator Buddy Cales examines clues that should arouse suspicions in the wake of a bedroom fire.

Buddy Cales walks us through the aftermath of an incident starting in a child’s bedroom and discusses the signs that point to the fire’s origins.

When examining a fire scene, don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions when confronted with what looks like multiple points of origin. Buddy Cales takes a close look at one such scenario.

Does your department have a policy to deal with investigations that may involve public safety personnel? Buddy Cales explores this and other issues while investigating a living room fire scene.

Do you have protocols that describe how to handle potential evidence at the scene of an apparent incendiary fire? Buddy Cales takes a look at possible items of interest.

Buddy Cales investigates what seems like a routine shed fire and shows you signs that point to possible use of the structure as a methamphetamine lab.



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