Oven Used for Heating Starts Indianapolis House Fire

Fire vents from the roof of a single-story home in Indianapolis as firefighters battle the flames.

By Rita Reith

Indianapolis firefighters responded this weekend to a fire apparently started by uncoventional heating methods. The fire destroyed a house and left a family of five without a home.

LaShawn Brazier told firefighters that she was using the oven to heat the house as added warmth on Saturday when nearby combustibles caught fire. The fire travelled quickly throughout the house and was fully involved when crews arrived. LaShawn and her husband were awake at the time and were alerted by smoke alarms. They fled. Their boys were at friend’s house and their dog was in the detached garage. The fire communicated from the oven area, blew out the back door, and travelled up and into the roof. 

Firefighters controlled the fire with an aggressive interior attack. Nine Indianapolis units operated at the scene, along with three Speedway fire units and Indianapolis police and EMS.

Indianapolis Firefighters remind residents to never use an appliance for other than its intended purpose. Using a stove top or oven to heat is not appropriate and can have catastrophic consequences such as the loss of property or life. Keep all nearby combustibles such as towels, curtains, and plastic ware away from the stove top or oven and never use them unattended. In case of fire, evacuate immediately and call 911.


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Family of 5 displaced after fire destroys home on Corwyn Rd. Improper use of oven to heat house causes $50K damage No Injuries

Posted by Indianapolis Fire Department on Saturday, January 23, 2016

RITA L. REITH is a battalion chief with the Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department and serves as the agency’s public information officer.

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