Fireground Strategies: When Buildings Change the Rules of the Game

In this presentation from Anthony Avillo, the focus is on the issues firefighters must be aware of to operate more safely in the buildings we are entering. Students learn how different types of construction and occupancies change the rules of the game and how personnel on scene must adjust the strategy and tactics to meet that challenge. Renovations, lightweight and large-area structures, and vacant buildings and are also covered. Strategies regarding these buildings and their idiosyncrasies are highlighted, as are solutions to address these concerns

  • Learn how different types of buildings change the rules of the game
  • Learn how firefighters must adjust strategy and tactics depending on construction and occupancy
  • Learn about the hazards posed by renovations, lightweight construction, and large-area construction

This presentation originally aired on June 11, 2015. Watch below.




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Book: Full-Contact Leadership, by Anthony Avillo and Edward Flood

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