FL Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association Raises Concern over Legislation

By Chuck Akers
Executive Director, Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association

We have a very important ‘CALL TO ACTION” and we need your attendance on October 12th at 2:00pm at the Florida Building Commission (FBC).

If the issue of “NO fire service oversight in new construction” goes before the Legislature we have lost. This means no plans review, no inspections of new construction – the fire inspector, or at least those who remain employed will be allowed to inspect for overloaded electrical circuits and will have no say on any buildings built in violation or waiver of the codes. We will return to the way it was before we passed Chapter 87-287. We must block the effort and ask the FBC to focus on recommending funding for fire inspector training, not put them out of business. Don’t think for one minute the construction trades are not lobbying this “get the fire service out of the construction process.” If we can block it at the committee meeting it is a win – if it goes to the legislature, our chances of winning are less than 5%. Scott has asked the Construction trades to join with him as he wants to “clean-up” the government over regulation process. Sink has not aggressively supported the fire service – she appears to focus on votes. Some influential builders who are in leadership roles with statewide construction associations are taking action.

If the FBC moves on this issue on October 12th we are under the bus. The entire construction industry including people who build hospitals, big developers who are politically connected, and many politicians demanding less government are against the fire service.

As an association we are very concerned and we need your help now more than ever.

Florida Building Commission Meeting
Hilton Hotel
1714 SW 34th Street
Gainesville, Florida


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