FLAME-SIM to unveil virtual training at 2008 FDIC

FLAME-SIM, LLC announced that the company will be unveiling the first of its kind virtual reality training tool, “FLAME-SIM,” at FDIC 2008. Located in booth 706, FLAME-SIM is the next generation of PC based, standard operational procedure reinforcement training for first-in fire companies. This fully 3-D, realistic simulator places up to nine users on the scene of a single family home fire, while tracking the commands and actions of each user for review in an after action report. FLAME-SIM also allows the training officer to customize the scenario, apparatus, roll up, and even the firefighter.

Designed with input from leading fire professionals and research into NFPA and NIST documents, FLAME-SIM captures the realism and the necessity of proper procedure on the fire scene today. Using our state-of-the-art command panel, the incident commander can establish command, complete a size-up, set up sectors, and then give orders to execute commands based upon their personnel. The training officer setting up the scenario can add complexity by locking doors and adding incendiary hazards and victims.

For sales and marketing information please contact Doug Seebach at doug.seebach@high-voltage.com.

FLAME-SIM LLC is based in Hoffman Estates, IL and has been developing the FLAME-SIM software for the last 16 months.

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