FM Global Provides Support to Fire Safety Education

FM Global, one of the world’s largest business property insurers, partnered with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to fulfill requests of 80 fire departments across the country for fire safety education materials geared toward children and others during Fire Prevention Week.

The effort is part of Sparky’s Wish List™:  Partnering for Fire-Safe Communities, which is helping local fire departments facing tight budgets obtain life-saving educational materials.

“It is gratifying to know that the materials being shipped today will soon be in the hands of local firefighters working every day to keep our kids and communities safe,” said Brion Callori, senior voice president, manager — engineering and research at FM Global. “We are very pleased to support this program and we encourage others to join us by going online and purchasing items for fire departments that are asking for help.”

Through a simple, online tool created by NFPA, fire departments are creating “wish lists” of needed materials which are then purchased by businesses, community members and others. Items on the registry are priced starting at $12.50.

In total, FM Global purchased $50,000 worth of banners, DVDs, coloring books, brochures, storybooks, stickers and other materials that will go to fire departments in 80 states and one U.S. territory and be used during Fire Prevention Week in October.

“Fire safety education saves lives, but with current budget pressures, it’s hard for many departments to pay for a range of educational materials,” said Jim Shannon, NFPA president. “Sparky’s Wish List is designed to help close the gap between what fire departments can afford and what they need to educate on fire safety.”

Fire departments in the United States respond to more than 350,000 home fires annually; these fires resulted in at least 2,500 deaths and more than 12,000 injuries. Children are at greatest risk.

“FM Global has been a generous donor to fire prevention causes for many years,” said Shannon. “We are honored to work with them to help local departments continue to meet community needs during these challenging financial times.”

The effort is named for Sparky the Fire Dog®, NFPA’s official mascot and spokesdog. He visits schools and participates in community events to spread fire safety messages, often accompanied by his firefighter friends.

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