FSSA Debuts New Website

The Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) today announced the relaunch and redesign of its new Web site to better reflect the organization’s 30 year history and industry expertise. The new Web site features an updated design, improved navigation for ease of use, as well as additional content and resources on the fire suppression industry.

FSSA.net‘s new and improved Web design includes improved functionality and updated content for FSSA members and visitors. Online visitors to the site will also find additional resources, easy to navigate pages and improved access to FSSA’s newsletters, various publications, recent news and upcoming events.

“Our desire was to recreate our online space to not only showcase our organization’s industry knowledge and expertise, but also to be visually appealing for users,” said Carla Pizzarello, FSSA President. “I think we have succeeded in producing a new website that visitors will find informative and easy to use.”

Founded in 1982, FSSA has spent the last 30 years becoming leading experts in the field of high level fire protection. The not-for-profit organization is made up of manufacturers, suppliers, and designer-installers working together to share ideas and strategies for the benefit of the fire suppression systems industry and employing existing and new technologies to safeguard people, high-value assets and the environment.

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