Halo Smart Labs Alerts Users to Fires, Tornadoes, and Other Hazards

Halo Smart Labs will launch the world’s safest and smartest smoke alarms, Halo and Halo WX, on Indiegogo on May 13, 2015. Halo is the first alarm to utilize specialized sensors to quickly detect fast and slow burning fires, as well as carbon monoxide in a single device. Halo WX combines all of the features and benefits of Halo, along with patented Imminent Danger alerts, to create the most comprehensive alert system for hazards in and around the home. The Imminent Danger alerts are customizable, and can range from tornadoes to floods, wildfires and nuclear emergencies.

“My dad was in Joplin during the 2011 tornado,” Ben Stagg, Halo Smart Labs co-founder, said. “He was barely able to find safety, but a lot of others weren’t so fortunate. Chad and I figured there had to be a better way to create a safe home than current smoke detectors and weather alarms on the market. Saving lives is our number one priority, and we achieve that through using specialized technology to create a safer and smarter home environment.”

Halo’s home alert system combines specialized fire detection with natural disaster detection using a weather radio, and connects the device to the Internet and home-automation systems. Users can receive weather bulletins and a host of other safety alerts through the device and adjust settings with an iOS and Android app. It will also send alerts to mobile devices so users are aware of danger when they are away from home. Other Halo features include specialized detection that reduces false alarms with intelligent monitoring of five different sensors, and a 10-year battery life to avoid annoying chirps in the middle of the night. Both Halo and Halo WX are connected through mobile, so users can receive alerts and control the device through their phones.

Halo also allows connectivity and integration with most connected home systems. Beginning on May 13, 2015, people will be able to visit the Halo Smart Labs website and buy Halo and Halo WX devices for their own homes beginning at just $100.To learn more about Halo Smart Labs before May 13, 2015, visit http://bit.ly/HaloSmartLabsLP.


Halo Smart Labs was born out of tragedy and developed out of necessity. Halo co-creator Ben Stagg’s father was in Joplin, MO during the 2011 tornado that took the lives of 160 people. The episode sparked a question in Ben about what could have been done to protect more families. As a result, he began to work along with Halo co-founder, Chad White to create a better way to protect families from natural hazard and make homes a safer place. Later, after a home fire struck Ben’s family member in 2014, they realized the shortcomings of current smoke detectors and set out to build the world’s safest, smartest smoke alarm right here in the USA. Soon, Halo and Halo WX were born. Halo Smart Labs is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn more at www.halosmartlabs.com.

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