Humpday Hangout: Storefront Forcible Entry Challenges and Strategy

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan, and the rest of the panel will be talking about strategic considerations for forcible entry on overhead doors and roll-down security gates. They will consider techniques as well as strategy, considering why firefighters would enter a commercial occupancy through an overhead doorway rather than taking a faster and easier route through a man door. They will be joined by Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Chief Of Training Steve Shaw, who has researched hurricane wind-rated overhead door construction and practicing forcible entry techniques. They also pay tribute to late FDIC instructor and Fire Engineering writer Greg Havel.


Bill Gustin, “Operations For Newly Promoted and Aspiring Company Officers”

Aaron Heller, “Commercial Fireground Operations”

Dan Shaw and Doug Mitchell, “25 to Survive: The Commercial Building Fire”



Forcible Entry Techniques for Roll-Down Security Gates

Storefront Door Challenges at Taxpayer Fires


Troxell: Forcing Round Padlocks Encased in Steel Guards on Roll-Down Gates

Troxell: Storefront Door Challenges at Taxpayer Fires

Firefighter Training Drill from Troxell: The ‘Outboard’ Forcible Entry Saw

Troxell: Forcible Entry Techniques for Roll-Down Security Gates

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