Important Issues to be Voted on at ICC Code Development Hearings in Baltimore

For fire service and safety advocates, the stakes will be high at the International Code Council’s (ICC) code development hearings in Baltimore. Individuals who became ICC members on or before October 14 are eligible to vote.

Several weeks ago, the National Voluntter Fire Council (NVFC) urged our members to join ICC so that they would be able to vote to retain residential fire sprinkler requirements in the International Residential Code. We encourage anyone that is planning to participate in that vote, which is expected to take place on October 28, to visit the International Residential Code Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s web site to download a complete hearing guide. The NVFC is a member of this Coalition.

If you are going to be in Baltimore for the fire sprinkler vote, you should consider being present to vote on the other important code change proposals, including proposals to: require emergency escape/rescue windows in basements, habitable attics, and every sleeping room; require permanent identification of emergency escape/rescue windows; and require smoke alarms to be listed to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 217 and comply with NFPA 72. Interested individuals can download information about all of the proposed code changes HERE.

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