Indianapolis Firefighters Overcome Obstacles at Structure Fire

Courtesy the IFD

A working smoke detector is credited with alerting a family of three to a fire in their home.

Joshua Young told firefighters he heard the upstairs alarm activate and within seconds the metal structure began to fill with thick, black smoke. He grabbed his son and yelled for his wife to get out. The family escaped through a small window shaken but unharmed.

Firefighters arrived to find a moderate amount of smoke pushing from the structure. Attempts to initiate an interior attack were unsuccessful due to electrical power in the metal building, making conditions unsafe. Attempts to turn off the power at the electrical box failed when firefighters discovered the box melted shut due to the intense heat.

Command ordered all crews to maintain a defensive posture until utility workers could secure the utilities. Once crews were able to initiate offensive operations, the fire had communicated to the ridgeline of the roof and traveled the length of the building. It would take crews another hour to chase the fire and cut it off.

Fire crews overcame several obstacles in fighting this fire including the extensive supply line layout, which stretched more than 1,800 feet. The house sits a considerable distance from the road and relay pumping efforts were established to access water. Frigid temperatures made for icy surfaces on the walkways, gear, equipment, and SBCA tanks. Salamanders were used to unfreeze equipment as firefighters worked and extra crews brought in for additional rehab efforts.

The family has no idea what could have started the fire although preliminary information indicates a possible problem in the area of the furnace.

See more photos from this fire HERE.


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