Kaplan University #StartAChange Scholarship Winner Announced

William “Brandon” Walker, a Columbia, Tennessee firefighter and married father of 3, is about to #StartAChange. He has been selected as the winner of Kaplan University’s #StartAChange Scholarship. Brandon was nominated by colleague and recent Kaplan University graduate, Jeremy Menear, for being a real life hero who has unlimited potential in Tennessee’s fire departments. Brandon has been awarded a full undergraduate degree scholarship through the University.

“Obtaining my degree will help with all aspects of my career,” said Brandon Walker. “It will also show my kids that no matter when you go to school, just as long as you work toward something, you are on the right path.”

Brandon became a fireman at age 22, advancing through the Tennessee Fire Academy Classes and the Tennessee Commission on Fire Fighting, where he is also a certified instructor. Brandon needs to earn a college degree in order to grow his career and help and teach even more fellow firefighters.

“Providing education to individuals like Brandon who want and need to advance their careers is what Kaplan University is all about,” said Dr. Wade Dyke, President of Kaplan University. “With the help of the Kaplan University #StartAChange Scholarship, Brandon is on his way to starting a change for himself, his family and community.”  
Brandon is registered to begin classes January 8th, 2014. His story can be viewed here: 

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The #StartAChange Scholarship is designed to help a deserving individual reach his or her true potential through education. Nominations – up to 250 entries – were received between October 18, 2013 and November 22, 2013. Each nomination needed to describe why the nominee was an ideal recipient for an online undergraduate degree scholarship and what goal this would help them achieve. The Kaplan University #StartAChange campaign continues through 2014 and encourages individuals to make a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

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