Keep Right Program Increases Safety For Citizens

“The Keep Right program has increased public awareness and the direction to move when emergency vehicles are approaching. We feel measures such as the “Keep Right” campaign will increase safety to our citizens and our firefighters. The goal of the City of Hobbs Fire Department is to provide a high quality of service and never compromise anyone’s’ safety. The Keep Right program has allowed us to respond safely and efficiently.” – City of Hobbs Fire Department

In an effort to improve emergency response and increase public safety, the Hobbs Fire department installed “Keep Right Safety Decals” on their emergency vehicles in August of 2009.  They also released a public service announcement to inform the community of the intent and purpose of the decals.  Failure to yield to emergency vehicles has a negative effect on emergency response across America.  Due to the success of the program, they felt it was appropriate to detail their involvement.

The Keep Right traffic safety program has two components, “Keep Right Safety Decals” and the New Mexico Keep Right traffic safety campaign.  “Keep Right Safety Decals” are printed in reverse and designed to be read in the rear-view mirror as a direct visual aid to motorists that either freeze or aren’t paying attention when an emergency vehicle is approaching with lights and sirens on.  Every second counts in an emergency.  The New Mexico Keep Right traffic safety campaign addresses the need for motorists to Keep Right in the normal practice of defensive driving.  The New Mexico Keep Right website is packed with information, resources, instructional videos and much more.

The following New Mexico Fire and EMS Departments are participating in the program.  

Hobbs Fire Department – Chief Manny Gomez (Full Endorsement)
Roswell Fire Department – Chief James Salas Ret. (Full Endorsement)
Artesia Fire Department – Chief JD Hummingbird (Full Endorsement)
Lovington Fire Department – Chief James R. Williams (Full Endorsement)
Carlsbad Fire Department – Chief Mike Reynolds (Full Endorsement)
Portales Fire Department – Chief Gary Nuckols (Full Endorsement)

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