Large-Scale Fire Incidents Training Begins in Colorado Springs

More than 300 students and staff members gathered in Colorado Springs for Colorado Fire and Incident Management Academy on Saturday, reports (

The program, based at UCCS, provides training in wildland fire and all-hazard all-risk incident management, focusing on large-scale fire incidents.

“When we had the Waldo Canyon fire and Black Forest fires, we had people from all over the country responding to assist us in handling those disasters. The training that the academy provides gives those folks the capability to be able to go to other areas and assist,” said Greg Heule, the public information officer for the academy.

Heule says the academy is the first of its kind in the country.

“The best way to make old firefighters is to teach the young firefighters how to become old. Our ability to provide not only instruction, but the context to put it in, is huge,” said Scott Campbell, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Assistant Fire Warden. “I made it to where I am (not because) I read a lot of books… it’s because I had people give me guidance throughout.”


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