Mary Marchone to Be Honored at 26th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner and Seminars

Both the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) and the International Fire Service Training Association at Fire Protection Publications, Oklahoma State University (IFSTA/FPP/OSU) are honored to select Mary Marchone as the 2014 recipient of the Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education.  

Ms. Marchone, a training specialist for Fire Prevention Management Curriculum at the National Fire Academy (NFA), United States Fire Administration, is a functional area expert and program manager for fire prevention management curricula. She has been a skilled course developer and instructor with the NFA for 29 years focusing on all areas of community risk reduction (CRR). She was instrumental in introducing the concept of fire department involvement in injury prevention in Academy courses, and was the first woman to serve as a training specialist in Fire Prevention Management Curriculum for the NFA.

Ms. Marchone’s progressive approach to fire and life safety education has spanned 45 years as an advocate for the fire service addressing issues and challenges outside their traditional functions, especially in community risk reduction.

Her career began in 1969 with the Department of Fire and Rescue Services, Montgomery County, MD where she progressively increased her knowledge and expertise managing numerous programs through the years including smoke alarm campaigns, home safety surveys, youth firesetting prevention and intervention, and child passenger safety. She served on numerous task forces, committees, and coalitions including: SAFE KIDS Coalition; Montgomery County Traffic Safety Task Force; NFPA 1031 – Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator, and Fire Educator; Sesame Street fire safety; arson task forces; fire safety symposium committees; and has authored numerous publications in peer magazines. While at Montgomery County she became a sought-after presenter at national, state, and local conferences on fire and injury prevention topics, on cable and radio programs, local public service announcements, and national teleconferences and press conferences.

After her retirement from Montgomery County in 2000, Ms. Marchone continued to impact CRR while serving as a National Fire Protection Association Risk Watch Field Advisor from 2001 – 2007 mentoring programs in MN, OK, ND, TX, WI, and WY, and many other states that were interested in becoming Risk Watch Champion Management Teams. Every year she visited each state to assist and expand those programs.

Since joining the National Fire Academy in 2008 in her role as training specialist, Ms. Marchone has developed numerous NFA courses focusing on all aspects of Community Risk Reduction. In her current position she also recruits and monitors contract instructors, and evaluate their performance. Additionally she is responsible for second year Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) curriculum, Executive Analysis of Community Risk Reduction. She has had a vast impact on the nation’s fire service and its leaders.

Vision 20/20 Project Manager and 2013 Anne W. Phillips award recipient, Jim Crawford said, “She has touched many thousands of lives in her role as an educator in Montgomery County, MD…and is viewed as a national leader on the topic of fire prevention.”  

Congressional Fire Services Institute President Dr. William Jenaway said, “Ms. Marchone has provided outstanding leadership for the fire service in saving countless lives – both of our citizens across the country and our firefighters as well.”

Through Mary Marchone’s efforts countless careers have been enhanced by her knowledge and expertise in fire safety education. She is recognized as a voice of excellence when she speaks on any expert panel or speaks publicly about fire and life safety education. IFSTA Executive Director Mike Wieder spoke of her impact by stating, “Mary Marchone has set an example for all of us in the fire service industry. Her unwavering dedication to education, training, and leadership is why we are so proud to honor Ms. Marchone with this award. There is no individual better suited to receive the 2014 Dr. Anne W. Phillips Award for Leadership in Fire Safety Education.”

The award will be presented on May 1, at the 26th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner in Washington, D.C.

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