Morphix Technologies Releases New Chameleon Nitrogen Dioxide Cassette

Morphix Technologies®, in the field of science of colorimetric detection devices for dangerous chemical gases, has developed a nitrogen dioxide sensor cassette for the Chameleon® Detection Kit. The nitrogen dioxide sensor detects small amounts of this noxious and toxic chemical before it can cause illness or fatality.

Nitrogen dioxide is a common toxic gas with a reddish brown color and a sharp biting odor. It is prominently found in air pollution and is produced by internal combustion engines, thermal power stations and even within household kerosene and gas heaters. But the most toxic forms of nitrogen dioxide are the result of building fires: residential and commercial. Nitrogen dioxide is inhaled during a fire scenario and the victim’s symptoms do not usually become apparent until sometime after the incident. Symptoms include burning and itching eyes and throat, heaviness in chest or difficulty breathing. In severe cases of poisoning, the victim can suffer from fatal lung edema.

The nitrogen dioxide sensor developed by Morphix Technologies is part of an easy-to-use, low-cost Chameleon® Detection Kit to be used alone or in addition to hazardous chemical protective suits and masks to identify dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide and other toxic chemicals during or after a residential, commercial or industrial fire.  All Chameleon® kits are designed for an easy on / easy off fit on the wearer’s forearm and can be worn over most turn-out gear or level-A suits.

The nitrogen dioxide sensor will change color when the toxic gas is present and requires no power source or calibration. Unlike current colorimetric detection systems, the Chameleon® is designed to military standards for use in a wide variety of operating environments. It can be used in desert heat, arctic cold or tropical conditions and can even be immersed in water.

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