MSA’s FireHawk M7 Air Mask first in NFPA 2007 compliance

MSA’s FireHawk M7 Air Mask is the first NFPA-compliant SCBA to both 1981 and 1982-2007-edition standards. The FireHawk M7 Air Mask is NFPA-compliant for both its breathing apparatus and Integrated Personal Alert Safety System (PASS). This SCBA exceeds NFPA 2007 requirements.

The FireHawk M7 Air Mask offers:

  • High-temperature 500° F PASS alarm performance and functionality

  • Water immersion protection – M7 tested electronics to 5-foot depth

  • Rigorously tumble-tested and virtually bullet-proof electronics

  • NFPA 1983-2006-compliant Rescue Belt integrated rappelling system

  • 2.4GHz personal wireless network designed to accept future technology upgrades

For more information or to order the new FireHawk M7 Air Mask, call 1-800-MSA-FIRE.

For a 3-D view of the FireHawk M7 Air Mask, click on

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