National 911 association commends FCC on public safety broadband rules

The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) issued the following statement commenting on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) July 31, 2007 decision to revise its 700 MHz rules to promote public safety.

NENA President, Jason Barbour ENP, 911 Director for Johnston County, North Carolina said, “This is an extremely significant step forward. The FCC’s action will speed the deployment of a nationwide public safety broadband network. It will advance information sharing capabilities and strengthen the link between the public, the 911 system and first responders.”

As part of the 700 MHz decision, the FCC appointed NENA to a Board of Directors created to administer the Public Safety Broadband Licensee.

Barbour noted, “There is much work to be done and NENA looks forward to working with the FCC and all the other members of the Board to enhance the nation’s emergency communications system.”

NENA is The Voice of 9-1-1™. NENA promotes implementation and awareness of 911 as North America’s universal emergency number. NENA is the leading professional non-profit organization dedicated solely to 911 emergency communications issues. NENA serves its nearly 7,000 members in 48 chapters across the U.S., Canada and Mexico through policy advocacy, establishment of technical and operational standards, certification programs and a broad spectrum of educational offerings. Find out more at

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