National Burn Prevention Day Prevention Resource and Donations Facilitation

National Burn Prevention Day

Attorney Paul A. Samakow created National Burn Prevention Day for the purpose of being a resource for all who want to learn how to prevent burn injuries, and to provide a mechanism for donations to fire departments, burn camps, burn and medical care centers, and other organizations within the “burn community.”

Burn injuries are the single most complicated known to medical science. There is no such thing as enough public education, nor is there ever enough money to help burn survivors.

With the miraculous assistance of iHeart Media, National Burn Prevention Day is going to be promoted on all of their Washington, D.C., and Baltimore radio stations during the two weeks leading up to May 19, 2021, in total 240 30-second promotions each day.

The public will be asked to go to the Web site,, to find information and to make donations. All donations will go directly to the recipient via Web site links; NBPD will not “handle” any money.

Following May 19,  a thorough understanding of the success  of this initial effort will be available through analytics, and then a concerted effort will be made to the Governors of every state, with the request for proclamations, naming May 19 as (state) Burn Prevention Day.

This undertaking came from Mr. Samakow’s experiences helping burn survivors nationwide, with an “epiphany” that he could “do more” than help clients “one by one.”

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