National Fire Academy course vacancies update

As of February 19, 2009, these vacancies exist in the following National Fire Academy Courses (NFA) courses at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland. You may refer to the internet at for more information, or contact the Admissions Office via e-mail or by phone at (301) 447-1035. Completed FEMA Form 75-5 applications may be faxed to (301) 447-1441.

If interested, apply immediately!

Note: The NFA policy of only one stipend-supported trip per fiscal year remains. However, a qualified individual may seek to participate without stipend assistance. PLEASE INDICATE with your application that you are aware of this restriction when you apply for the course.

All vacancies are filled on a first come, first served basis and qualified by using the Student Selection Criteria listed on our Web site:

2nd Semester FY2010:

R108 Evaluating Performance Based Designs
4/5/09-4/10/09 4 vacancies
6/21/09-6/26/09 14 vacancies

R13 Fire Protection for the Built Environment
7/19/09-7/24/09 13 vacancies

R149 EMS: Mgmt of Community Health Risk
8/24/09-9/4/09 16 vacancies

R151 Advance Leadership Issues in EMS
5/18/09-5/29/09 4 vacancies

R154 Advanced Safety Operations & Management
8/16/09-8/21/09 14 vacancies

R203 Fire Dynamics-Fire Modeling
7/6/09-7/17/09 14 vacancies
8/3/09-8/14/09 14 vacancies

R208 Interviewing/Interr.Techniques
7/20/09-7/31/09 10 vacancies

R213 Analysis of Arson Management
8/16/09-8/21/09 13 vacancies

R220 Fire Inspection Principles
8/3/09-8/14/09 20 vacancies
9/21/09-10/2/09 17 vacancies

R227 Fire Protection Systems for Emergency Operations
8/16/09-8/21/09 9 vacancies

R229 Hazardous Materials Operating Site Practices
7/6/09-7/17/09 11 vacancies

R243 Hazardous Materials Incident Management
5/3/09-5/8/09 11 vacancies
7/26/09-7/31/09 21 vacancies

R247 Advanced Life Support Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents
9/21/09-10/2/09 18 vacancies

R333 Fire Service Financial Management
8/3/09-8/14/09 19 vacancies

R335 Adm. Pub.Asst. For Community Recovery
5/3/09-5/8/09 17 vacancies
6/21/09-6/26/09 23 vacancies

R348 Changing American Family at Risk
5/3/09-5/8/09 6 vacancies

R362 Developing Fire & Life Safety Strategies
7/26/09-7/31/09 8 vacancies

R491 NFIRS: Program Manager
6/7/09-6/12/09 18 vacancies

R506 Executive Planning
5/18/09-5/29/09 5 vacancies
8/24/09-9/4/09 16 vacancies

R508 Partnering for Fire Defense and Emergency Services Planning
9/20/09-9/25/09 19 vacancies

R526 Long Term Recovery Planning
5/3/09-5/8/09 11 vacancies
8/16/09-8/21/09 22 vacancies

R810 VIP: Leadership & Administration
9/13/09-9/18/09 10 vacancies

R822 VIP: Advanced Safety Operation and Management
9/13/09-9/18/09 14 vacancies

R823 VIP: Leading Community Fire Prevention
9/13/09-9/18/09 17 vacancies

R824 VIP: Management Strategies for Success
9/13/09-9/18/09 16 vacancies

R825 VIP: CMD & CNTRL of Fire Departments Operations Target Hazards
9/13/09-9/18/09 6 vacancies

R826 VIP: Presenting Effective Public Education
9/13/09-9/18/09 17 vacancies

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