New Axis Intelligent CO Detector and Sounder Base from Advanced

Global fire systems business Advanced has released a new intelligent carbon monoxide (CO) detector and sounder base.

The unit works with the Advanced Axis AX fire system to provide standalone CO detection for life safety, with ‘plug-in’ fire multi-detection capabilities, all in one SLC device.

Its prime use is for facilities such as hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings, hospitals and nursing homes as per NFPA 720, but is suited to many commercial installations as CO detection for life safety grows.

The Axis CO detector is an electrochemical sensor capable of detecting three levels of carbon monoxide (70,150, 400 PPM), with superior rejection of transient signals. The built-in sounder can provide either a temporal 4 (CO event) or temporal 3 (fire alarm event) signal, with the fire alarm event having the highest priority. The Axis AX fire panel can activate multiple CO sounder bases in a facility when CO is detected, providing the appropriate synchronized evacuation tones throughout an area or the entire facility.

To add intelligent fire detection to the device, standard Axis AX photo, ion, heat and multi sensors can be easily locked in. The Axis CO detector/sounder base features an automatic daily test with manual test option available, and has a life of approximately six years. The CO detector provides a signal when its cell needs replacement, which can be done without removing the device from the wall or ceiling.

The new CO detector and sounder base is UL approved. The easily installed 6″ diameter base can be mounted to a standard 4″ octagonal or square electrical box. For standalone CO detection, blank covers are available in low profile and high profile configurations. Units require a separate regulated 24 VDC supply for powering the sounder but may operate without 24 VDC when the sounder is not required.

Michael Troiano, Advanced President and CEO, said: “The industry has witnessed a number of tragic CO events in recent years, the result of improper fossil fuel combustion in heating systems and even as the result of building fires. CO is impossible for humans to detect naturally and can quickly incapacitate and kill.”

“CO detection for life safety is an important part of a facility’s fire detection system. Besides being an extra measure to keep occupants safe, CO detection is mandated under the International Fire Code and International Building Code, with 41 out of 50 states recently passing new legislation and regulations specific to CO requirements,” said Troiano. “Our detectors integrate easily into existing systems to make this process easy on the installer and provide vital protection for everyone in the building.”

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