NFPA 1410 Engine Evolution #1

Drill of the Week: NFPA 1410 Engine Evolution #1
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Whether your company regularly or sporadically responds to working structure fires, it is critical to regularly review response procedures and practice them. Response to these incidents includes, at times, dropping a line from a hydrant to the address of the fire and deploying one or more hoselines flowing a specific rate. The crew completing these tasks should be able to do so in a specific amount of time. This week’s drill consists of an evolution encompassing the preceding scenario.

The objective of the drill is to place an initial attack line and a backup line in service using units and staffing of the average number of personnel that ordinarily respond. For volunteer departments that have different turnouts for night calls and daytime calls, switch the number of personnel to represent the time of day.

Click below for the complete evolution. Remember: instructors/officers should substitute their department standard hose sizes, manpower, and procedures for the evolution. The evolution described in this week’s drill is a guide to help set up an initial attack evolution.

The complete evolution is located at

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