NFPA establishes an Association chapter in Colombia

Qunicy, MA – The board of directors of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recently approved establishment of an Association chapter in Colombia, which will meet in Bogotá.

Chapter meetings allow current and prospective NFPA members the opportunity to discuss fire protection and life safety issues facing the region. They also provide the opportunity for members to meet locally on issues relating to codes and standards, membership promotion, and public education.

At its meeting last month, the chapter elected Jaime Moncada-Pérez, a member of the NFPA board of directors, to a two-year term as the chapter’s chair. Moncada-Pérez is president of Pirotec Ltd., a fire protection equipment manufacturer in Bogotá. He is also founder and president of OPCI, the Latin American Association for Fire Protection, which has translated more than 30 NFPA codes and standards into Spanish. Moncada-Pérez will work closely with the chapter vice president, secretary, and six directors.

“The chapter model provides a solid platform for NFPA members and supporters to exchange ideas and discuss local challenges,” said Arthur E. Cote, executive vice president and chief engineer at NFPA. “For many decades Colombian members have shown a tremendous interest in NFPA codes and standards activities. We are pleased to have a very distinguished group of professionals participating in this work.”

The new chapter has more than 30 members representing various fire safety disciplines.

NFPA also operates other offices outside of the U.S., in Mexico, Hong Kong, and France.

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