NFPA Journal Highlights Safety Upgrades to Fenway Park and the Statue of Liberty

The latest issue of the NFPA Journal®, the official magazine of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), focuses on recent fire and life safety upgrades to Fenway Park and the Statue of Liberty; NFPA codes and standards played a significant role.
These upgrades will make both landmarks safer for millions of visitors each year while maintaining their important historical aspects. Fenway Park’s fire alarm, life safety and sprinkler systems were upgraded while the Statue of Liberty received enhancements to its staircases and foundation.
NFPA President, James M. Shannon, discusses the real implications of the safety upgrades made at both locations.
Also featured in this issue:

  • Report shows second-lowest number of on-duty firefighter fatalities in over 30 years
  • Indiana State Fair has changed our view on emergency preparation and response
  • Fire Adapted Communities initiative launched to help combat growing threat of wildland fire


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