NFSA Creates Online Resource Toolbox to Help Community Leaders with Fire Sprinkler Code Adoption

The National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA), the longest-tenured fire sprinkler advocacy organization in the U.S., announces the availability of a new, online resource toolbox to provide community leaders with the latest available assets and information to assist with planning issues at the local level.

The toolbox will assist in overcoming recent efforts to block the adoption of life-saving residential fire sprinkler regulations. These efforts have highlighted the need for a clearinghouse for available resources.
“The NFSA has experienced an upswing in requests for information regarding local code adoption and/or stand-alone fire sprinkler legislation,” explained John Viniello, NFSA President. “In order to respond to these requests and provide local community leaders with the information they need, we are pleased to announce the creation of this one-stop online toolbox, which is available for free on our Web site,”
The interactive toolbox will provide access to fire sprinkler reports, articles, brochures and documents that provide guidance for making the case for fire sprinkler code adoption.  The goal of the toolbox is to highlight resources that have proven beneficial at the local level which will help community leaders expedite the process – whether it is for a stand-alone sprinkler ordinance or code adoption that requires fire sprinklers.
“Local community leaders need all of the latest information in one place, where it is easy to access and use for their specific needs,” added Shane Ray, Director of Public Fire Protection for the NFSA. “It can be overwhelming when you realize how many resources are available. This new toolbox is designed to keep it simple and to organize the resources in a logical format that will assist local leaders.”
Education is key as community leaders develop a plan for their community that includes fire sprinklers. Key stakeholders can identify their community’s vulnerabilities, and identify unique solutions that promote life safety and quality of life with the information in the resource toolbox.
The life-saving technology of fire sprinklers has been around for more than 100 years, and available in residential occupancies for more than 20 years. This resource toolbox will serve as a valuable aid to community leaders as they focus on life safety and take proactive steps to ensure citizen and firefighter safety.

To learn more about NFSA, and to access the new toolbox, visit and click on the “Resource Toolbox” link on the left.;

Subjects: Fire Prevention and Protection

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