Small Fire Alarm Offers Intelligent Control of Ancillary Building Systems

NOTIFIER by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announces the Spartan-25™ addressable fire alarm control panel for protecting small-scale properties and controling ancillary systems such as sprinklers and elevator recall. With addressable features such as individual point identification, maintenance alerts, and detector drift compensation, the Spartan-25 offers an intelligent alternative to conventional systems at virtually the same total installed expense. For added savings and flexibility, this 25-point panel can support any combination of HFS detectors and modules while operating on standard wire (unshielded or twisted-pair).

An embedded web server with JumpStart® auto-programming software, combined with the easy-to-set code wheel addressing of HFS detectors and modules, allow for quick system configuration without the need for an external programming utility. The Spartan-25 also features a built-in DACT (digital alarm communicator transmitter) for system status reporting of alarms, troubles and other events to a remote central monitoring station.

The Spartan-25 offers two programmable NACs (notification appliance circuits) with selectable strobe synchronization per device for four of the industry’s primary brands of NAC devices. This small, intelligent fire alarm control panel is listed to ANSI/UL 864 Ninth Edition Standards by UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.), ULC (UL of Canada) and ETL SEMKO.

Visit for more information on NOTIFIER’s portfolio of fire alarm, life safety, and emergency communications systems.

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