NSF Testing for Earthquakes

On April 17, 2012, an NSF-supported team of researchers will shake a full-size building outfitted with the myriad inner workings of modern life.

From elevators to ceiling tiles, hospital equipment to computer servers, and wiring to pipes, numerous non-structural elements will be tested as a five-story concrete building shakes from the motions of the devastating 1994 Northridge earthquake and the 2010 San Pedro earthquake in Chile.

Hilti is the only fastening and firestopping technology company represented on the project.  Actively participating in third-party research such as this enables Hilti to continue to help build a better future by developing and delivering products at the height of reliability and safety; and in this specific case, designed to withstand major seismic and subsequent fire events.

The company’s commitment also extends to supporting the industry with critical information relevant to design codes and building standards.

The testing will take place atop the outdoor shake table at the Englekirk Structural Engineering Center at the University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego), part of NSF’s 14-site national Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation.  Reporters can attend via a Q+A webcast hosted by NSF within hours of the actual shake.

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