Pepro Celebrates 20 Year at IWCE: Unveils Micro Radio Site Updates

Pepro LLC, a manufacturer of shielded enclosure systems for stationary and mobile applications, arrives at IWCE 2012 marking its 20th year of protecting sensitive equipment from a wide range of operational and physical threats. Pepro enclosures have been proven to protect equipment from lightning, electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference and other threats to mission critical communications. 

The Pepro booth at IWCE 2012 will feature a newly redesigned Micro Radio Site, providing highly mobile protection for communications equipment in nearly any setting where there is a need for radio access. Since the offering’s launch at IWCE last year, Pepro has used its customers’ deployment data and real-world anecdotes to incorporate several design improvements to the Micro Radio Site, making it an even better choice for remote, temporary and environmentally sensitive applications.

The Micro Radio Site does not require any excavation or foundation, eliminating the need for geotechnical, environmental impact and archeological studies. The new design includes:

  • An upgraded cabinet to make the unit more streamlined and take out weight
  • A redesigned base to simplify the installation process for the anchoring system
  • More rugged axles and wheels to make the unit more roadworthy on secondary roads

“We are hands on with every deployment, and that access to our customers’ on-the-ground situations and immediate reactions lets us find ways to improve our products without taking away any of the benefits,” said Vic Garmong, Pepro LLC President. “We aren’t just in the business of providing better protection. We are in the business of creating better radio sites, and sharing in our customers’ challenges lets us be the best possible partner.”

In addition to the Micro Radio Site, Pepro is also showcasing its Wireless Control Pan & Tilt Antenna which has not yet been shown at IWCE.  The wireless-controlled Pan & Tilt provides speed, precision and reliability for the positioning of a variety of directional antennas. Adjustments can be made quickly from the ground, eliminating the need for certified climbers, unsafe ladders and bulky safety harnesses. The wireless controlled Pan & Tilt also eliminates the need to lower mobile towers to make adjustments.

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