Pro Board Recognizes Fire Service Training Agencies for Accreditation and Re-Accreditation

At its annual Accreditation Conference in Orlando, Florida, the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications, The Pro Board, formally recognized the accreditation of the following fire service training agencies:

  • California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Office of the State Fire Marshal
  • Tennessee Commission on Fire Fighting Personnel Standards & Education
  • Fire Service College of the United Kingdom
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Regional Alliance for Firefighter Training

The Pro Board also formally recognized the Re-Accreditation of the following fire service training agencies:

  • State of Hawaii Department of Transportation – Airports Division
  • Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety
  • New York Office of Fire Prevention and Control
  • Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training
  • Great Oaks Institute of Technology & Career Development
  • Central Pierce Fire District
  • New Hampshire Department of Public Safety – Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services

Through its 74 accredited agencies, the Pro Board provides a national and international level of recognition for members of the fire and emergency service who have demonstrated proficiency in meeting NFPA professional qualifications standards. These initial accreditations required the agencies to undergo a critical assessment of their ability to meet the 19 point accreditation criteria that has become the hallmark of integrity for the Pro Board system.

“With accreditation, these agencies have shown their commitment to improving life safety for their citizens and emergency personnel,” commented M.H. Jim Estepp, chairman of the Pro Board. “Through accreditation, these agencies can provide official Pro Board certificates to fire service members who have demonstrated a competency with professional qualification standards.”

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