Arson in Camden (NJ) Fires? Residents Want Answers

Three fires burned at former industrial sites over a 10-day period in 2011 in Camden, New Jersey, and residents are still left wondering about the cause of the fires, according to a news report.

The Philadelphia Inquirer talked to local James DiClemente, who helped alert neighbors to a June 2011 fire at a vacant former garment factory in his neighborhood. The fires stirred fears that a serial arsonist was at large, and DiClemente told reporters the flames spread too methodically–suggesting, to him, arson.

The two other sites were a former tire company, which also destroyed nearby homes, and an abandoned detergent factory. Four years later, there have been no arrests in the fires. Chief Fire Marshal Braulio Villegas told reporters that the fire at the detergent company was arson, but the causes of the tire and garment factory fires remain undetermined.

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