Rural Homeowners Ramp-Up Home Fire Protection this Wildfire Season

It’s wildfire season, and homeowners, particularly those living in remote locales, are seeking fire prevention products to protect land and property. Redding-based TRI-MAX, maker of cold compressed air foam (CAF) fire suppression technology, delivers critical, user-friendly fire prevention products TRI-MAXto the hands of homeowners, to protect their investment in the event of a wildfire.

Investing in a home fire prevention system is vital when living in remote, fire-prone areas. Many residents living in isolated areas may have been denied fire insurance or fire service area protection, due to remoteness of their location. That means should a fire surround and destroy their home, not only do they lose their possessions, rebuilding becomes nearly impossible. A CAF home fire prevention unit can spare a home or key structure, if used properly, and pre-emptively.

Dave Mahrt, Sr., owner of Kingsway Industries, Inc., manufacturer of TRI-MAX, says, “We make the same TRI-MAX technology deployed throughout the world by the military, private sector and governments available to rural homeowners, who increasingly find themselves in the situation of having to protect their home from fire. In a time when firefighting resources are being continually reduced due to budget cuts, systems like the TRI-MAX 3 CAF or the TRI-MAX 30 CAF can make a huge difference when it comes to saving someone’s home and property.”

The suggested TRI-MAX CAF unit for homeowners is the TRI-MAX 30 CAF – a 30-gallon unit – which produces 600 gallons of finished foam, covering approximately 1,800 square feet. The foam’s high density allows it to TRI-MAX 30 CAFstick on any structure surface, and keep it cool as temperatures outside the structure heat up.

A typical TRI-MAX 30 CAF unit (shown) retails for about $8,000. TRI-MAX also offers smaller units ranging from three to 20-gallons, starting at $1,500.

TRI-MAX suggests that a homeowner using its CAF units spray the roof and sides of the home, and other key structures, with the preventative foam. It’s suggested to spray a layer of foam around the perimeter of the structure, to create a firebreak. Spraying foam on the roof and sides will also help protect the home and other structures from flying embers and debris.

The 3-gallon and 30-gallon models may be purchased directly from TRI-MAX by calling (888)774-6299 ext. 1, or by visiting TRI-MAX at 6680 Lockheed Dr. Suite B, in Redding, Calif.


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