SFPE Releases Model Job Description for Fire Service Fire Protection Engineers

To assist the fire service administrator with the process of recruiting and employing fire protection engineers, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) Fire Service Committee has created a model job description for fire service fire protection engineers.

This job description lists the full range of possible duties that a fire protection engineer can provide for a fire service organization. At the same time, it is designed as a flexible document that organization’s can tailor the job description by first determining which duties to include, and then establishing the corresponding knowledge, abilities, qualifications, and certifications to adequately fulfill the fire protection engineer’s role within the organization. In this manner, organizations can match their needs with candidates’ capabilities.

“Modern firefighting and fire protection technologies are expanding at a rapid pace,” says Chris Jelenewicz, Engineering Program Manager at SFPE. “Because fire protection engineers have unique skills and abilities that focus on using science and technology to protect people, property and the environment from fire, many fire chiefs are successfully employing fire protection engineers on their staff. More and more, we are seeing fire protection engineers assist fire service organizations by incorporating the principles of fire dynamics and fire modeling into building codes and standards, fire-fighting practices and post-fire analysis.”

To view the Fire Service Fire Protection Engineer Job Description go to http://www.sfpe.org/Portals/sfpepub/Prof%20Prac/FPE%20Fire%20Service%20Job%20Description%20–%20Final.pdf.

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