Silent Call Introduces the New College Student Safety Kit

Thousands of people going off to college may want to consider that the new Silent Call College Student Safety Kit can assist in student’s success and safety. The kit comes with a bed shaker that can alert the heaviest sleeper, can make sure a person is alert to anyone at the door and alert the most distracted person to an emergency fire.

The goal for loved ones that go off to college each year is to have everything to succeed. This process can be overwhelming and some necessities may be overlooked. That is why Silent Call has developed a new College Student Safety Kit to assist in students’ success and safety. This kit will help to make sure they get up in time for their classes, let them know if someone’s at their door (even if their ear phones are in), and if there is a fire. Loved ones will be alerted by light and vibration. The kit includes the Signature Series Sidekick II ss, Smoke Detector with Transmitter, Wireless Doorbell, and Bed Shaker.

This kit will complete the necessities to equip your loved one for a successful college experience.
With this kit a person will get one receiver, multiple transmitters and a bed shaker. The products work by use of radio frequency and alert a person through light, vibration and icon display. When someone presses the doorbell or there is a fire, the transmitters will activate the Sidekick II ss Receiver. The receiver will then flash its strobe, shows a corresponding icon in the digital display and activate the bed shaker. This is a great way to alert a person to important things in their life without them having to depend on sound. The Sidekick II ss Receiver is also a clock/alarm clock and along with the bed shaker is guaranteed to wake the heaviest sleeper. Silent Call believes that the College Student Safety Kit is essential to assist in maximum success and safety for all college students.

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