Skysaver Announces Backpack Product

Safety and security should be two of the most important features of one’s workplace and home. In 2014 alone, the New York City Fire Department reported over 26,000 structural fires citywide, and 71 fire related deaths. Here to diminish that statistic is the SkySaver backpack.

SkySaver, in the multi-story rescue and evacuation solutions industry, created its flagship SkySaver backpack to provide consumers with a personal rescue device for use during high-rise fires, terror attacks, or natural disaster emergencies. Easily stored in one’s office or home, the SkySaver backpack is a safe and affordable self-contained portable escape system that anyone can operate in order to escape present danger. 

In the event of an emergency, one can easily strap on the backpack, attach the fire resistant cable to a secure anchor point, and exit the nearest window. The highly tested and heavily engineered controlled descent system will automatically lower the user at a rate of about two meters per second down to safety. With three different models available (80ft, 160ft, and 260ft), SkySaver enables anyone up to 25 stories high to descend to safety. No prior training is required to operate the backpack, which functions mechanically without the need for an outside power source.

SkySaver partnered with high-ranking members of the FDNY and members of the Israel Defense Forces to help design and revise the product to the stage it has currently reached. The SkySaver backpack has been tested to meet and exceed ASTM standards for Multi-Story Building Evacuation Controlled Descent Devices. 

After years of research developing the most advanced technologies, the SkySaver backpack will launch in the U.S. market on Monday, August 3.

SkySaver is sure to stir up buzz among New York City dwellers and building owners.  Please let me know if you or one of your colleagues is interested in covering SkySaver or in acquiring additional information.

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