Standpipe Operations: Clearing a Clogged Fog Nozzle

By Donald L. Wedding

Poorly-maintained fire department connections (FDC) and standpipe systems often times lead to trash and debris passing through them while being used by on-scene fire companies.

Missing caps on these systems also become trash cans for various unwanted items. This trash and debris can cause hoselines to become clogged at the nozzle opening, dramatically reducing flow and producing an inadequate or broken stream.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE




This quick drill illustrates a couple ways firefighters can fix a fog nozzle if it becomes clogged or comprised. Recognizing the above issues and being able to overcome them is imperative to control and extinguishment.

Always be sure to visually check all FDCs and standpipe hookups prior to charging them. Do this at every alarm and during response area familiarization.      


Donald L. Wedding is a firefighter for the Fredericksburg (VA) Fire Deptartment and an instructor with Traditions Training, LLC.


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