Taming the Fire Environment: Atlantic City Final Code Hearings

Upcoming ICC Code Final Hearings / Vol.1

by Jack J. Murphy

One way for the fire service to have a voice in the building and fire code process so as to “tame” our fire environment is to participating at the ICC code final hearings in Atlantic City (October 2 -10). Our voices will impact firefighter safety for years to come. Industry will always develop new methods and techniques to erect a building, and firefighters need to stay on top of these changes.

For example, that with new exterior façade features you can no longer feel comfortable reading the type of building constructed unless you have witnessed it being built or have an active department preincident planning database that will survive beyond your retirement.

We will be posting building and fire codes that the fire service supports. See you at the hearing. Be safe out there.

P.S. There will be a fire service hospitality gathering @ the Atlantic City code hearings on Tuesday 10/01. Time & Location – TBA.

Jack J. MurphyJACK J. MURPHY, MA, is a fire marshal (ret.), a former deputy chief and currently serves as a deputy fire coordinator for the N.J. Div. of Fire Safety (Bergen Region).  He is the Chairman of the New York City High-Rise Fire Safety Directors Assoc., a member of the NFPA High-Rise Building Safety Advisory and 1620-Pre-Incident Planning Committees. He has published various fire service articles and authored: RICS; Rapid Incident Command System Field Handbook; the “Pre-Incident Planning” chapter of the Fire Engineering’s Handbook for Firefighter I and II; and co-authored, “Bridging the Gap: Fire Safety and Green Buildings.”  He is a Fire Engineering contributing editor, a FDIC executive advisory board member, and received the 2012 Fire Engineering Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award.


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