Texas Firefighter Seeks to Raise Funds for Life Lift Handles

A retired Texas fire captain has launched a crowdfunding campagin for a product he believes will save children’s lives: external handles to help them open up windows to escape in case of a fire.

Greg Lawler created Life Lift Handles, a kit that enables firefighters to confidently address problems concerning ability to open any window for escape. The Hand2Life Mission is a challenge to raise $50,000 to help offset manufacturing costs and make Life Lift Handles more affordable. Lawler hopes to raise enough capital with this campaign to deliver Life Lift Handles and information to at least 100 fire departments, the two largest in each state across America

Firefighter Makes Discovery about Children’s Inability to Escape Home Fires

In October, two million firefighters in the U.S.A. will be teaching children nationwide the message of “Two Ways Out” for fire escape. Life Lift Handles enable windows to be easily lifted and opened, providing a means of egress during fire situations.

Learn more about the product and campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-hand2live-challenge

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