Today’s Debate: Are you properly trained?

Do you believe you have been properly trained to handle the incidents to which you respond?

Final Results:

YES: 14
NO: 6;
“Yes. However, as we all know it is difficult for everyone to be proficient in all areas of the emergency services. Even though we receive initial training in EMS, Fire, Haz Mat and Technical Rescue, it is imperative that we continually train and practice techniques and skills. Especially those that aren’t used on a regular basis.”

“A qualified yes. The training and certifications I have received meet standards, were presented well, and I have retained most of the information and skills learned. However, we are being called out to unpredictable events and bizarre situations. It may well be impossible to train for all situations.”

“Yes. I am properly trained to handle the incident because I have received training in a professional institution.”

“Yes. But, our Training Officer seems more interested in making himself look good than making sure our personnel are able to perform the basic functions of being a firefighter. We have pro-board certified personnel who have been in less than a handful of structure fires and can’t hit a hydrant properly. The basics will save your life every time if you know them.”

“Yes and no. I feel that although the training IFSTA and NFPA provide is good, they are not very real-world-oriented. I belive that they are there to give you a good basis, and then it is up to the guys in your fire station to teach you the little tricks of the trade as they are so called.”

“Yes and no. I do believe that I have been given the proper training, but the training that is set forth in the 4th Edition IFST Essential Manual is for departments with “full” staffing. IFSTA says that to throw a 35 ft. ladder, you should have no less than 3 persons. Well, on each first due engine in our county, we only have a D/O and an officer. Fortunately I have been able to experience “real world” training along with the training that IFSTA set’s forth.”

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