Total Fire Group news: Morning Pride NFPA certified EZ-Flips, American Firewear Super Glove

Morning Pride first introduced the NFPA certified EZ-Flips at FDIC and received a tremendous response. The new NFPA certified EZ-Flips (see photo above) were visually and operationally indistinguishable from the earlier non-certified offerings.

Features and benefits of this new product include: no fogging problems; works perfectly with glasses; no nose digs; no accidental creeping down the face; easy to deploy with a single finger of a gloved hand; perfect position, perfectly out of the way or perfectly deployed, no adjustments needed; and no ear cover interface problems (Patent Pending).

Available on Morning Pride’s Traditional Ben 2 Plus and Modern Lite Force Plus helmets. For more information, contact your Morning Pride Helmet dealer or Total Fire Group at 1-800-688-6148.

Super Glove: New from American Firewear

American Firewear first introduced the Super Glove (Patented and Patent Pending, pictured below) at FDIC and it was a huge Hit.

A new era in dramatically improved firefighting hand protection, the Super Glove delivers phenomenal dexterity with enhanced protection. Features of this new “Made in the U.S.A”” glove include: true 3D hand shaped styling with staggered layer seaming; Bubble-Flex and Flex-Tuck construction with dead air spacer ridges; Digiroo™ high grip palm and fingers; Air Spacer™ thermal architecture traps air for thermal protection without traditional bulk; ultra thin, ultra strong Kangaroo back outer shell; Crosstech® Moisture Barrier; Berry Compliant; available in wristlet and gauntlet styles; 8 regular sizes and 6 cadet sizes: NFPA 1971, 2007 edition compliant; now building stock for quick shipments.

For more information, contact your American Firewear dealer or Total Fire Group at 1-800-688-6148.

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