Firefighter Training Drill: Residential Cell Phone Site

By Douglas J. Mitchell, Jr.

To enhance reception, cell phone antenna sites have historically been found on the outskirts of town, in a parking lot behind the mall, and in “open spaces” in our communities. Because of the increasing use of cell phones and the amounts of data required in our modern “smart phones,” we are increasingly seeing them appear in the residential setting, both in the urban and suburban environment.

Refer to the PDF sheet for a few pictures us such and installation. This install was found on the roof of a five-story, non-fireproof multiple dwelling. These residential installed cell sites will have an impact of fire operations.

Download the PDF sheet HERE


If a unit encounters a cell site on a residential building in their first-due area, be sure to notify the surrounding companies and make a prompt inspection. Be sure to arrange the inspection, on site, with a representative of the installing company and someone from the building management.

Locate power shutoffs, wiring, and additional hazards and note potential impact on operations. Consider calling for extra alarms early in the operation and have the ability to notify the cell site company when on location for assistance.


Douglas J. Mitchell, Jr. is a lieutenant for the Fire Department of New York and an instructor for Traditions Training, LLC.

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