ISI Announces 10-10-1 Program with the Viking Z Seven SCBA

ISI, an Avon Protection Systems Company, announces a program to support the fire service in its effort to reduce the cost of maintenance of their self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) throughout the life of the product. The 10-10-1 Program includes the industries only 10 year electronics warranty – further proof that ISI is committed to excellence in its support of the fire service marketplace. The Viking Z Seven SCBA now comes standard with its four C-Cell, one power source C4 Power Supply, thus reducing the number of batteries in an SCBA and combining multiple battery locations into one. ISI is the only manufacturer to offer an SCBA designed with one battery source. As an added part of the 10-10-1 Program, ISI is offering free batteries for 10 years on all new Viking Z Seven SCBAs, thus eliminating a large expense for the maintenance of SCBAs in the fire service

Don Reycroft, ISI’s sales and marketing manager, states “ISI is extremely excited about the new 10-10-1 stimulus program we are launching to our core market. This new program is intended to provide our customers with an opportunity to relieve them of the burden attached to the electronics of an SCBA. Since electronics became part of the NFPA SCBA standard fire departments have become frustrated with the implementation of new procedures and the constant monitoring of the electronic systems designed into all manufacturer’s apparatus. The new 10-10-1 program from ISI addresses the customer’s frustration and offers them an opportunity to free themselves of the burden. Package the 10 year electronic warranty, 10 years of FREE batteries (shipped twice per year) and the ONE power source and you have a program which raises the bar to the fire service users.”

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