Waterous unveils Aquis proportioning system

Waterous recently announced the unveiling of the Aquis™ foam proportioning system, a technologically advanced foam proportioning system capable of delivering highly accurate and consistent mix ratios for departments using Class A and compressed air foam.

The installed system equips the apparatus with an automatic microprocessor controlled, direct injection discharge side foam proportioning system capable of proportioning all commercially available Class A foam concentrates.

A 16-bit mixed signal microcontroller with 60 kB flash memory, 2 kB Ram and 12-bit analog to digital converter allows the system to receive input from the flowmeter and temperature sensor to control the foam pump motor while providing accurate injection into the foam manifold per the operator selected mix ratio. Temperature threshold settings are also programmed into the software providing additional foam concentrate injection to compensate for colder water temperatures.

The controls of the Aquis provide the operator with push-button control of foam proportioning rates from 0.1% to 1%, in 0.1% increments. On the model 2.5, an operator interface terminal shows the user current flow-per-minute of water, total volume of water discharge during and after foam operations and total amount of foam concentrate, while the model 1.5 has an ON/OFF button, two LED’s and a ratio control knob.

For system monitoring and maintenance, the Aquis is equipped with PC-Connectivity, which allows a qualified technician to perform upgrades, diagnostics and monitor system functions in real-time. The system can also be
remotely monitored or upgraded by using any PC with Internet access. This feature allows technicians to easily connect to the Waterous dedicated Web site to assure proper operation and to update the foam system software by uploading new features and functions as they become available.

Available in two models, the Aquis 1.5 delivers a foam output of 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) @ 150 psi (5.7 l/min @ 32 bar) and a maximum operating pressure of 450 psi (32 bar), while the Aquis 2.5 offers a foam output of 2.5 GPM @ 150 psi (9.46 l/m @ 10 bar) also with a maximum operating pressure of 450 psi. Both models come with a 1-year warranty along with installation, operation and service manuals.

For more information on the Aquis foam proportioning system or for model specifications, visit www.waterousco.com or call 651-450-5000.

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