Webcast: Jack Murphy on Improving Operational Readiness

Jack J. Murphy
Jack J. Murphy

Join Jack J. Murphy for a Webcast on getting your line firefighters the information they need to improve performance on the fireground.

In this presentation, Murphy will share insights on inspections along with tips and pointers for a wide variety of occupancies. Murphy has more than 40 years of continuous service in inspections, code enforcement, and firefighting. Doing proper inspections can reveal critical response information as well  as help mitigate dangerous situations before they become tragedies. The companies doing the inspections can make life saving contacts and develop extremely valuable relationships with building owners and tenants. Using a well-developed system, responding crews can access created histories and information, which can be invaluable in an emergency.  Joining Murphy will be Chief Bobby Halton, who will share his thoughts on operational readiness and deployment and how inspections provide for actionable information in terms of tools, tasks, and tactics.  

JACK J. MURPHY, MA, is a retired fire marshal and a former deputy chief. He is the chairman of the New York City High-Rise Fire Safety Directors Association, a member of the NFPA High-Rise Building Safety Advisory, and a member of the 1620 Pre-Incident Planning Committees. He has authored RICS: Rapid Incident Command System Field Handbook, wrote the Preincident Planning chapter of Fire Engineering’s Handbook for Firefighter I and II, and coauthored Bridging the Gap: Fire Safety and Green Buildings. He contributes articles to Fire Engineering. He was the recipient of the 2012 Fire Engineering Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award.


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