Whelen Introduces Broadcaster Digital Voice Mobile Message Recorder

Whelen Engineering Co., Inc., introduces the Broadcaster Digital Voice Mobile Message Recorder. When disaster strikes, cell service is out or you need to supplement your Mass Notification Warning System, this Digital Voice Recorder is wired through your vehicle’s current siren amplifier with radio repeat to allow you to record and play back an emergency message that could save lives. It is easy to use and can broadcast prerecorded or personally recorded messages.

Record up to a thirty second event specific message, and precede with a siren tone if desired. Small size allows mounting almost anywhere and unit includes a removable microphone. When seconds count, count on Whelen to help you alert and inform the public, and save lives. For more information the Broadcaster Digital Voice Mobile Message Recorder visit, http://www.whelen.com/auto/product.php?head_id=9&cat_id=68&prod_id=647

For more information:  Whelen Engineering Co., Inc., 51 Winthrop Road, Chester, CT 06412; 860-526-9504, or www.whelen.com.

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