Who Says EMS Recertification Needs to Be So Difficult? The Benefits of Online Learning...

July 29, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

Attend this informative Webcast to find out how online coursework and documentation technology can help increase compliance, reduce headaches and legal exposure, improve performance, and prepare personnel for hands-on and classroom training.

FDIC International 2021: Saturday

FDIC International 2021 is underway in Indianapolis, IN!
Dan Noonan and other FDNY members

APS Radio: Dan Noonan

Dan Noonan of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) talks with host Jim Burneka about his involvement in the 1975 New York Telephone Exchange Fire and how it set the stage for better medical monitoring on large-scale incidents.
Dave McGlynn

FDIC Preview: So You Want to Be a Training Officer?

Join Dave McGlynn at this year's FDIC International for his class, which is geared toward aspiring training officers.
John Buckheit and Mike Perrone on avoiding injury when forcing entry

Training Minutes: Avoiding Injury When Forcing Entry

John Buckheit and Mike Perrone share some tips on avoiding injury and developing good technique for forcible entry operations.
Hackensack Ford fire

Building Construction Awareness Project: The Hackensack Ford Fire

The panel talks with John Davis and Mike Christensen of the Hackensack (NJ) Fire Department about a tragedy that changed the fire service.
Joe Alvarez on forcible entry

Training Minutes: Door with Panic Hardware

Using a wood door as an example, Joe Alvarez demonstrates how to use a circular saw to defeat a steel door with panic hardware in this Training Minutes video.

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