Firefighter advancing a hoseline

Commission: $150K in Back Pay for TX Firefighter in Bar Fight

The question was whether Benningfield was permitted to receive back pay for the period of three years and one month during which he was on administrative suspension.
Firefighter helmet

MA Assistant Fire Chief Penalized for Altering Hiring Process

The Wellesley Fire Department's assistant chief has paid a $5,000 civil penalty for altering the hiring process in favor of the fire chief's son.
Worcester Fire Fighters Local 1009

Worcester (MA) Firefighters Union Tells City Council: Act Quickly on Reforms

The president of the local firefighters union called on officials to move quickly and implement the recommendations of an outside review of the fire department.

TX Firefighter Seeks Back Pay After Suspension Over Bar Fight

A Fort Worth firefighter who was temporarily suspended in 2016 for biting a chunk out of the forehead of a bar patron during a fight at a hotel is trying to get back pay.

Your Last Breath: Strategies for Success

Recorded September 23, 2021 | View Now!

perational time, and soon would be on your last breath? Instead of draining 100 percent of the air reserve with your last breath, what if you could last 15 to 30 minutes longer? Wouldn’t you want that chance for survival? It is possible to stretch your air supply 25 to 50 percent, and you can learn how to do it in this webcast.

Chief Michael Barakey, Suffolk (VA) Fire & Rescue

Critical Decision Making: Point-to-Point Leadership

Recorded September 24, 2021 | Watch Now!

Learn to understand, predict, and manage obstacles on the emergency incident scene. The closest distance between two points is not a straight line; achievement is the journey and the overcoming of obstacles to arrive at a successful outcome. Getting from point A to point B is a challenge on some emergency incident scenes, especially critical incidents.

Preparing for Your Next ISO Review with the Ultimate Training Tracker

October 7, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

Join Vector Solutions' Tim Riley as he will share best practices and explain how Vector Solutions’ ISO Training Tracker simplifies ISO recordkeeping to ensure your training is right on par with ISO's requirements.

Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident

NFHC Announces 2021 Benjamin Franklin Award Winners Gold

Gold winners include Gregory Noll and Michael Hildebrand, co-authors of Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident. 
Disasters Man Made

NFHC Announces 2021 Benjamin Franklin Award Winners Silver

The Silver 2021 Benjamin Franklin Writer’s Award winners are David White and Anton Riecher for their book, entitled Disasters Man-Made.
Larry Conley

Podcast: The Larry Conley Show: Dena Ali

Host Larry Conley and the GLUE Crew talk with Dena Ali about mental and emotional maintenance.
Five Cities CA Fire Authority

Report: Residents Frustrated with CA Fire Station Brownout

An ongoing staffing shortage makes it impossible to keep Fire Station 66 in Oceano fully staffed as it should be.

Volunteer Fire Department Leadership: The Nine Keys to Success

Leadership is more than emergency incident management. Joe Maruca shares nine keys to success for volunteer fire department leaders.
FDNY Memorial Wall September 2021

FDNY Adds 25 Names to WTC Memorial Wall

Members of the FDNY who died from 9/11 related illnesses were added to its World Trade Center Memorial Wall.

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