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Firefighter in Euro helmet flowing water

Engine Company Ops: Checking the Pattern

So why do firefighters check the nozzle before making entry into a burning structure? Mark van der Feyst reviews some of the tactical considerations.
Fire recruits undertake firefighter training on gas prop

Yes, You Can Get a Firefighter Job with No ‘Experience’

Mandy George reviews three critical attributes that can help you obtain a job a a firefighter and increase your effectiveness throughout your career.
Indianapolis firefighter in full gear with firefighter on a ladder in the background partly obscured by smoke

Alphabet Soup and the Application Process

What type of certifications are required to become a firefighter? Mandy George reviews some fundamentals of the application process.
Firefighter with multiple portable ladders at house fire

Firefighting Basics: Heel from the Front

Mark van der Feyst reviews some of the benefits of heeling a ground ladder from the front.
Austin-Travis County EMS

Force Multiplier Patient Care

October 19, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

What if you could keep hundreds of low-acuity patients a week from having to needlessly go to the emergency room? And what if by doing so you could reduce or eliminate the challenge of slow turn-around times, free up much-needed EMS and hospital resources, and help patients get the care they need faster, more affordably, and more efficiently?

Rapid Intervention: Don’t Just Stand There

November 4, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

This Webcast analyzes the current training on rescuing down firefighters from a more proactive viewpoint. Included are tasks that can be accomplished by the rapid intervention team (RIT) to “soften up” not just the structure but also the entire scene so that we can access the structure in a more rapid fashion to rescue the firefighter.

Firefighters roll down member in hazmat suit

Training Minutes: Hazmat RIT

Jeff Chandler and company discuss removing a down firefighter in a Level A hazmat suit from the hazardous materials hot zone.
Paul DeBartolomeo and underpin with tractor trailer

Training Minutes: Underpin: Car vs. Tractor Trailer

Paul DeBartolomeo and company review removing a victim from an underpin, in which the victim is pinned between a vehicle and tractor-trailer body.
Orange ground ladder tip

Firefighting Basics: Ladder Tips

Mark van der Feyst shares six easy tips for making your ground ladder ops and training more efficient and effective.
Round Rock TX Fire Department

TX Fire Training Facility Equipped with Air Replenishment System

Round Rock's five-story fire training center was recently equipped with an air replenishment system that can help firefighters train for high-rise fires.
John Buckheit and Mike Perrone on forcible an inward-opening metal door

Training Minutes: Inward-Opening Metal Door

John Buckheit and Mike Perrone demonstrate forcible entry techniques a lone firefighter can use to defeat the locks on tight inward-opening metal doors.

Your Last Breath: Strategies for Success

Recorded September 23, 2021 | View Now!

perational time, and soon would be on your last breath? Instead of draining 100 percent of the air reserve with your last breath, what if you could last 15 to 30 minutes longer? Wouldn’t you want that chance for survival? It is possible to stretch your air supply 25 to 50 percent, and you can learn how to do it in this webcast.

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