The Fire Academy

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Firefighter with multiple portable ladders at house fire

Firefighting Basics: Heel from the Front

Mark van der Feyst reviews some of the benefits of heeling a ground ladder from the front.
Clove hitch employed on ground ladder

The Halyard: Leave It Alone

Mark van der Feyst reviews a quick firefighter training drill on ground ladder use.
Firefighter using multiple ladders for vertical ventilation access

Firefighting Basics: Aggressive Cooling and Vertical Ventilation

Mark van der Feyst addresses the value of vertical ventilation and the issue of lightweight construction.
Ground ladder raised above roofline and two hoselines

Go High: Rungs Above the Roofline

When it comes to throwing ladders, how many rungs should be above the roofline? Mark van der Feyst offers some thoughts and a drill.

Who Says EMS Recertification Needs to Be So Difficult? The Benefits of Online Learning...

July 29, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

Attend this informative Webcast to find out how online coursework and documentation technology can help increase compliance, reduce headaches and legal exposure, improve performance, and prepare personnel for hands-on and classroom training.

New Technologies for Aerial Fire Trucks

August 24, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

How safe is your aerial? From SMART controls technology to short jacking, centralized command seats and pedestals, new technology is helping make today's aerials safer than ever before. In this webinar, we'll discuss new aerial technologies and how to specify them in your next aerial apparatus. Our job at Rosenbauer is to help you save lives and protect property, and an aerial apparatus is a key component to that.

Ray McCormack

Tightrope Fire Attack

Ray McCormack discusses a pitfall for the engine company where temperatures rebound during fire attack. So how do we avert this?
Jeff Bowen LODD, Asheville NC Fire Department

Mayday Monday: Situational Awareness

Review the circumstances surrounding the tragic line-of-duty death of Asheville (NC) Fire Captain Jeff Bowen and lessons learned from the incident.

Tactical Response to Explosive Gas Emergencies

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This presentation provides a practical, fact-filled, reality-based, critical skills program that covers what fire officers and firefighters need to know to effectively and safely respond to natural gas and propane emergencies. The focus is on our mission of life safety for civilians, protection of our members using the kill box concept, and tactical use of sweeping search procedures for large buildings with major uncontrolled leaks.

Indianapolis fire recruits at the fire academy

Setting Your Training Program Up for Success

Becki White shares several important steps to set your training program on the right path.
Bobby Halton, Mark Gregory, Pat Nichols, Chris Minichiello, Jimmy Adams, and Robby Bergerson

Humpday Hangout: The Value of Hands-On Training

Mark Gregory and members of PL Vulcan join Bobby Halton and company to discuss the value of hands-on training, FDIC International, and more.
Clove hitch employed on ground ladder

The Halyard: Leave It Alone

Mark van der Feyst reviews a quick firefighter training drill on ground ladder use.

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