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Firefighter using multiple ladders for vertical ventilation access

Firefighting Basics: Aggressive Cooling and Vertical Ventilation

Mark van der Feyst addresses the value of vertical ventilation and the issue of lightweight construction.
Ground ladder raised above roofline and two hoselines

Go High: Rungs Above the Roofline

When it comes to throwing ladders, how many rungs should be above the roofline? Mark van der Feyst offers some thoughts and a drill.
Flames shoot from the window of a building

Firefighting Basics: Aggressive Cooling and Preflashover Conditions

Mark van der Feyst looks at some elements to watch for in terms of flashover and aggressive cooling methods.
Pike pole tip

Firefighter Training Drill: Reverse Hold of Pike Pole or Roof Hook

Mark van der Feyst reviews a simple tool tip to make opening up a ceiling more efficient.

Civilian Rescue: The Reason We Exist

July 27, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

This webcast emphasizes the need to refocus the fire service on civilian rescue. The fire service has done a great job of emphasizing the need for firefighter safety, especially over the past 25 years. Rapid intervention, two out, the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives, Project Mayday, and many other efforts have been a critical part of the overall firefighter safety enterprise.

James Davis

From Tactical to Practical: The Fire Investigation Team at High-Rise Fires

July 19, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

This webcast highlights the important functions of the Fire Investigation Team (FIT) during the first few crucial minutes of a high-rise incident, which will undoubtedly set the tone for the entire incident. The FIT becomes the incident commander’s (IC’s) “eyes and ears.” The instructor walks you through the front door of a high-rise building and methodically works your way up to the fire floor.

FDIC sign

Call for Presentations Deadline Looms for FDIC International 2022

Want to present at FDIC International 2022? The Call for Presentations deadline is coming up, and we'd like to see your proposal.
Paul DeBartolomeo and company on using air bags to free a person pinned under the front axle of a vehicle

Training Minutes: Victim Trapped Under Front Axle

Paul DeBartolomeo demonstrates how to use air bags to lift a vehicle off a victim who is trapped under its front axle.
Tony Carroll, Aaron Heller, Mike Richardson, Brian Zaitz, Steve Shaw, Larry Conley, and Bobby Halton

Humpday Hangout: Fire Training and FDIC

Tony Carroll and other members of ISFSI look forward to FDIC International 2021 and discuss how to become a presenter.
Jeff Chandler on hazmat detection

Hazmat: Detection and Metering for Civilian Rescue While Wearing Turnout Gear

Jeff Chandler reviews some methods of evaluating the environment during a hazmat rescue scenario.

FDIC Preview: Adam Hansen Looks at ‘Smells and Bells: Rooftop Units’

Adam Hansen offers a preview of some of the topics he'll be reviewing at his FDIC International 2021 class on HVAC rooftop units.
Steve Chikerotis teaching at FDIC

FDIC Q & A: Steve Chikerotis

"We still have to be aggressive on the fireground to save lives and property. We took an oath," says Steve Chikerotis, FDIC International 2021 keynoter.

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