Firefighters pumping water on a fire apparatus

Firefighting Basics: Getting Water to and on the Fire, Part 3

Mark van der Feyst takes a look at coordinated pump operations in his latest piece on firefighting fundamentals.
Firefighters pull a down firefighter through the floor using a hoseline

Firefighter Basics: Calling the Mayday

Mark van der Feyst reviews a simple drill you can use to refresh your firefighters' proficiency in calling Mayday if they get into trouble on the fireground.
Firefighter using a portable ground monitor

Firefighting Basics: The Blitz Attack

The blitz attack is one way firefighters can get water to and on the fire quickly. Mark van der Feyst reviews the fundamentals of this approach.
SCBA quick connect

The SCBA Tug: Ensure You Are Connected

Mark van der Feyst presents a back-to-basics drill on making sure your firefighters' self-contained breathing apparatus connections are solid.
Bobby Halton, Mark WAllace, Tom Jenkins and Gary Ludwig

The Successful Fire Department: Planning, Budgeting, and Execution

April 14, 2021 at 12 PM EDT / 11 AM CDT / 9 AM PDT / 4 PM GMT

Join Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton as he moderates a critical conversation with nationally recognized author and retired fire chief Mark Wallace and fire chiefs and IAFC past-presidents Tom Jenkins and Gary Ludwig. The panel will discuss managing resources for a successful fire department, focusing on planning and the acquisition of mission-critical equipment.

From the Firehouse to the Fire Floor: Critical Initial Assignments in a High-Rise Firefight

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Fighting fires in high-rise buildings is dangerous and labor intensive; thus, incident commanders must have a well-established plan that has been proven through training. This webcast will help you develop a high-rise operations plan based on the size and capabilities of your department.

Dave Dalrymple on B post tear for vehicle rescue

The Cutting Edge: Extrication Evolutions and Patient Management Today

April 29, 2021 at 1 PM EDT / 12 PM CDT / 10 AM PDT / 5 PM GMT

Dave Dalrymple integrates training and tool considerations with patient management priorities to help you succeed at today's extrication scenes.

FDIC sign

FDIC International Confirms New Dates in Indianapolis: August 2-7, 2021

The upcoming FDIC International, scheduled to take place on August 19-24, 2021 at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium will now take place August 2-7, 2021.
Firefighters work the pump panel

Flames, Fuel Spills, Family Tragedy: GA Firefighters See It All

The demands of the job test firefighters mentally and physically. Those who answer the call put their lives on the line every day, for every call.
John Buckheit and Mike Perrone on forcible entry

Training Minutes: Forcible Entry on Metal Outward-Opening Door

John Buckheit and Mike Perrone show how a pair of firefighters with irons can force entry on a metal outward-opening door.
City of Watertown NY Fire Department

Cause of Death of Watertown (NY) Firefighter Peyton Morse Remains Undetermined

A coroner has not yet determined the cause of death of city firefighter Peyton Lane S. Morse, who died after training at the New York State Academy of Fire Science earlier this month.
Miami-Dade firefighters on limited space hose stretch

The Limited Space Standpipe Hose Stretch

The Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue Training Division shares a video on stretching out hose when you are short on space.
Jim Hix

James Hix of Hix Wrecker Service Passes Away

The staff of Fire Engineering and FDIC International mourn the loss of James "Jim" Hix of Hix Wrecker Service in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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