2007 Fire Engineering Authors Index

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Ballanthyne, B. Are You Prepared to Handle an Enthanol Disaster? (Technology Today) Nov, p133
Barakey, M. J. Large-Area Search: Lessons Found in a “Big Box”. (Training Notebook). July, p22.
Bigrigg, B. Preparing for the Unexpected. Suicide Attempt Sparks Gas-Fueled Fire. May, p89.
Birt, C. Make the Firehouse Your Home. (Roll Call) Aug, p32.
Bond, C. Public Safety Relationships. Dec, p95.
Boyd, J. Using Hands-Free Thermal Imaging Cameras. May, p95.
Bricault, M. Residential Rescue Sequence, The. Apr, p221; High-Target Areas for the Residential Primary Search. Oct, p105.
Brooks, M. Wow, It’s Hot in Here!. (Training Notebook) Sept, p20.
Brown, B. Troop Leader’s Checklist, The: Adapting Military Methods to Hands-on Training. July, p77.
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Buchanan, E. Can There Be Leadership Without Followership? Aug, p105; Mentoring Upside Down. (Roll Call) Sept, p32.
Byrne, D. Fire Is the Real Terrorist. (Fire Commentary) Sept, p129.
Byrne, P. W. Recruiting and Retaining the Millennials. (Volunteers Corner) Feb, p14.

Calderwood, P. E. Passive Fire Protection Increases Student Fire Safety. Jan, p87.
Casner, J. Operating Safely on Roadways and Limited-Access Highways. Feb, p93.
Chan, A. Cameras Aid in Wildland Fire Protection. (Technology Today) June, p136.
Chang, H. EMS: A Comparison Between Taiwan and the United States. Nov, p113.
Chase, S. Making A More Compact Hotel Pack. Feb, p119.
Cheatham, F. Electrical Hazards: Is Your Department Prepared? June, p115.
Chow, W. K. and Fiona S. C. Tsui. Designing Performance- Based Sprinkler Systems: East vs. West. Jan, p107.
Christin, P. Fireground Accountability Using Mobile GIS. (Technology Today) Apr, p252.
Chronister, T. Mandating Emergency Access to Gated Communities. (Technology Today) Mar, p172.
Ciampo, M. N. One Tough Door. Mar, p97.
Clark, S. Rapid Intervention: Separating Fact from “Friction”. (Real-World RIT). May, p44.
Cohen, L. Personal Safety System and Harness Offer Firefighters a Safe Exit. (Technology Today) May, p182.
Cohilas, A.; Hood, J.; Lowe, B. Vehicle Accident with Entrapment: Call a Physician to the Scene! June, p127.
Collins, L. Anatomy of a Challenging Deep Shaft Rescue. Sept, p55; “Suicide in Progress”: Responding to Collapse Emergencies Complicated by Water Hazards. Dec, p61.
Response Strategies. Sept, p105.
Comeau, E. Marketing Campus Fire Safety. Oct, p117.
Comstock, D. Jr. Safety and Liability: “Kill All the Lawyers” or Kill All the Lawsuits? Speaking of Safety) June, p131.
Connor, D. Rollover Alert System. (Technology Today) Feb, p125.
Corbett, G. (The Professor) Oct, p137; The Professor. Dec, p160.
Cotner, J. It’s Time To Get Serious About the Way We Drive. (Fire Commentary) Feb, p123; Our Department Has Class A Foam; Now What? July, p121.
Crosby, F. The Real Meaning of Brotherhood. July, p107.

Dallessandro, M. P. Today’s Recruits, Tomorrow’s Leaders. (Volunteers Corner) Sept, p16. Apparatus Defensive Driving. (Volunteers Corner). Dec, p12.
Dalrymple, D. From Around the Globe: 2006. (Extrication Tactics) Feb, p26; Side Airbag Tank Explosion Complicates Extrication of Victim. (Extrication Tactics) Apr, p66.
Daly, C. Avoiding Tire-Related Vehicle Crashes. Feb, p51; Pickup Truck Tunneling. (Extrication Tactics Oct, p38.
Daskal, B. When and How to Use a Tourniquet. (Fire Service EMS) Nov, p30.
Dean, A. The Importance of Vital Signs. (Fire Service EMS) Oct, p32.
Delagi, R. A CO Emergency: Whose Call Is It, Anyway? Oct, p93.
DeStefano, D. The Other Side of Taxpayers. (Training Notebook) Nov, p18.
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Eriksen, D. Extinguishing a Fire in a Bank Vault. (What We Learned) Oct, p139.

Ferola, F. Patient Assessment: A Lost Art. Aug, p28; Procurement: Buyer Beware. (Fire Service EMS) Sept, p24.
Fire, F. Introduction to Chemical Warfare Agents. Nov, p125.
Flynn, J. F. and Knapp, J. Ice Water Recovery: 11 Command and Control Lessons. Feb, p75.
Frank, D. In a Pinch: Device Shortens Chains. (Innovations: Homegrown). Mar, p171. Cutting Metal I-Beams. (Training Notebook) Oct, p18.
Fratus, M. and Alder, M. Impact of Department Culture on Fireground Safety, The. June, p83.
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Gerardi, P. R. Fitness and Training are Keys to Safety. June, p119.
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Gillis, J. Prostate Cancer: Fighting the “Fire” Within. Dec, p57.
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Large-Diameter Hose: An Update, Part 2. Nov, p65.
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Havel, G. Ancient Buildings Pose Hazards Older than Codes. July, p63.
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Mar, p42; Rapidly Managing Multiple Fire and EMS Priorities. (Fire Service EMS) July, p30.
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Zikmund, N. Partnerships Help Create Joint Training/Prevention Facility. (Volunteers Corner) Mar, p16.
Zona, C. A. Analyzing Suspect Powders. (Technology Today) July, p131

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